We have all heard the phrase “you lose $5000.00 as soon as you drive it off the lot”. Buying a late model pre-owned car, truck, or SUV saves thousands off new vehicle prices. The first owner absorbs the loss when “driving it off the lot”, and you have a clean, low mileage, well serviced Cotter’s vehicle to take home!

Our buying process at Cotter’s Garage is different by being simple. Making the most of your time and money by giving you the best price first, and quickly and efficiently walking you through the steps to driving your new vehicle home.

At Cotter’s you won’t have to talk to several different people while wasting three hours negotiating a price, only then to be sent to the “finance guy” to try to sell you even more invisible products you really don’t need. We can find you the vehicle that suits your needs and discuss financing options all while saving you time and money!

The staff at Cotter’s is truly trained and dedicated to helping you decide what is best for you and your situation. That is why so many of our customers keep coming back… We don’t need to over-inflate our prices to give you a false discount or coupon. We just give you a great price and honest financing. Period.